Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A few hours ago I was searching for a kitchen faucet and was having a difficult time finding one without an integrated sprayer and in the color I wanted (white) I was at this showroom and even though I called ahead to see if they could help me when I got there another person said they were appointment only and even after I explained what was said to me earlier on the phone I was halfheartedly pointed in the direction of the kitchen faucets and left to wander. Most of the time I prefer that but not in places where you need information such as price finish, shipping times and so on. When I whined on social media a friend pointed me to another supplier and when I arrive was recognized by the salesperson that used to work at the place I bought from before but had gone out of business. He happily showed me several options and now I can’t make up my mind which one I want.

Why am I rambling on about a sink faucet? Well it made me think of what experiences the customers at Fantasy Gifts are having when they go into the stores. Are they greeted as though they matter and we are happy to see them? Are questions answered to the best of the salesperson ability? Are several options given or are our websites used as a reference? Are folks following policy when answering questions about our policies and products?  It really hit home again because I do think of this often how much I rely on the store employees to do the delicate work of sales in a business that it so personal. My long time employees both full and part time are really wonderful and although it is impossible to not have a bad apple here and there we try really hard to replace the person who just doesn’t fit in right. Sales is a tough job, you need to read people and figure out what they are really asking you need to know the merchandise and you can’t hover nor can you ignore. Add in that we sell very personal items and it gets even trickier. There are occasional mistakes  such as a clerk not following our return policy or saying something can be returned when it can’t and then everyone has a crappy day and no one is happy because a manager has to explain that a salesperson said something against policy and the customer feels bad because they were told false information and I feel bad because more than likely it means Fantasy Gifts has left a bad impression with a customer and in this day and age that can be on social media in seconds. We really do try and figure out the best thing to do for the customer, it wasn’t their fault they were told something wrong but it is never an easy or comfortable conversation.
We work really hard to have information about the products in the store for the sales staff so they can help the customers find what they are looking for, it is so much easier today with twice yearly seminars when the whole company gets together on a Sunday morning to meet with select vendors and occasional smaller Skype lessons with the individual stores.  Our podcast has wonderful information also with company reps and local professionals such as educators and therapists talking about product and the healthy uses of sexual health products.  (http://www.spreaker.com/show/great-northern-sexcast_1

What all this is about is that I hope to hear from you at Customerservice@fantasygifts.com if there are issues good or bad with your experiences with Fantasy Gifts and if they are positive I would be very grateful if they were shared with your friends when they are looking for personal toys and sexual health products. If you are very happy a great review on social media would be very much appreciated we have Facebook pages for all of the stores, Twitter, Yelp, Google +  over 40 social media sites for the Minnesota stores alone. Without you there wouldn’t be a Fantasy Gifts so thank you and of course thank you to my staff for all of the day to day hard work, couldn’t do it without then either.

Colleen Bertino

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