Tuesday, December 13, 2016

As I write this it is December 9th 2016 and as I get older the cliché that the years go faster is becoming the truth. Every day I wake up to my new cats attacking my feet and sitting on my chest explain that it is time to feed them and I pause for a moment to go over the days to do list in my head and what will be the same and what will be different.  Being in retail it is fun to see all the new items coming in for the holidays and trying to figure out where to put everything is a large game of pallet shifting Tetris that is the same, being a sponsor of a local event that is different.  Doing the Great Northern Sexcast every Tuesday has been wonderful and the more we do the larger the audience is becoming and the guests are always so much fun. I have learned so much about the amazing community of sex positive individuals in the Twin Cities and have learned that comprehensive sex education is still very lacking in all age groups. I look forward to learning more and hope you will join us and laugh and learn with us in 2017. Of course you can check out past episodes too, there are over 100 episodes now!
We have spent time upgrading not only the already wonderful selection of products at Fantasy Gifts but have upgraded the stores themselves, paint, slatwall, fixtures, windows and displays almost every store and the office too was spruced up. My sister said it best, I didn’t know how crappy the break room was until you replaced everything and painted. Our Burnsville and Coon Rapids Stores both have new Rabbit company displays and they are so pretty and have an expanded selection of product.
December 11th was our company wide seminar with representatives from The Rabbit Company, Screaming O, Wicked, Nu Sensualle, Doc Johnson , OxBalls , and  Rhythm vibes by Kama Sutra and Sportsheets. I learned that one of the store employees and can put on a harness faster than I ever thought possible and that Wickeds limited edition  holiday lube peppermint coco  is so very yummy We had a great time learning and eating as it was held at the Westin near our offices and they have great food and a wonderful staff and coffee lots of coffee which is important when you start at 8am on Sunday.
From all of us at Fantasy Gifts we wish you a lovely holiday season, a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.


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