Thursday, June 7, 2018

June 2018 Blog

I don’t write a lot anymore since I do a weekly podcast but as half of 2018 is nearly over I thought I would sit down and talk about what is going on at Fantasy Gifts.
  We recently had a lovely seminar with Ducky DooLittle. She currently works for the Blush company, but she didn’t focus as much on the products as she did about how to talk to our customers about the products, their bodies plus she  spoke a lot about how we are helping people and all the good it does. It was so nice to hear that as the sexual health industry still has a negative perception with some folks, not as much anymore but still enough to have issues with social media sites and advertising and other things other businesses take for granted.
She was a wonderful ambassador for Blush and the industry in general and I am so very happy that she was able to talk to my staff and be a guest on the podcast which you can find here:

We have spent several months gearing up for a remerchandising of our Burnsville Fantasy Gifts, we decided to move the entrance door back to its original door but that meant flipping all the merchandise in the store, so I figured let’s update a bit too with new display areas too. We freshened up some of the paint and instore signage too. With the construction done on highway 13 the store is more visible, but Google maps says you are at the destination when you are still on the highway, we get phone calls asking how to get to us.  You need to exit onto county road 5 and then turn left at the light then left at the four way stop and go around the curve till you see the beige building with red trim, that’s us! We are working with google to fix this, but I don’t know how long that will take.
We updated our logo a bit to fit better into social media and online sites, an oval graphic was simple too small. Chose a simple font and colors that are easy to read and to have continuity across the internet, and print such as ads, business cards and other print.

We have decided to not have a booth at Pride this year, I’ll miss it because I’ll still be on a road trip with my kid and with other projects in the table we felt a year off would be the sane choice. It is one of my most favorite weekends I mean who doesn’t like happy people telling you they love your store!! I get hugs from complete strangers when my staff points me out, but it is also very exhausting. I wish everyone a wonderful Pride this year.

Colleen Bertino

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