Friday, September 9, 2016

The summer is drawing to a close and over at Fantasy Gifts we are starting to get ready for the winter, are the shovels and scrapers ready to go, do we have enough salt? Oh the joys of retail in the north what projects like new floors or painting can we get done before the weather is so bad. Not fun stuff like having the company rep come from Blush and seeing the most beautiful anal plugs they are working on and hopefully getting the owner on the podcast. Blush is a wonderful company and they are building their catalog slowly which I love, no one can possibly keep up the way they would like to when hundreds of new sexual health products are created each year. I have said if I could figure out why product A sells better than product B when I think they are the same in quality, design and price point I could write a book on that and make zillions.

Fantasy Gifts will be at Crypticon in October and we have decided to make the prize wheel a charity wheel and many vendors are sending merchandise. It will cost a dollar to spin but you get a prize worth so much more. Wicked is sending several copies of their versions of Suicide Squad and Rocky Horror. We contacted a charity we would like to donate too but we are aware that they may say no so we have backups too that we can contact.  It can get weird in our culture when a store such as Fantasy Gifts wants to be a part of the community we are embraced by some and shunned by others. Folks that are cool with us are The City of Crystal and Lakeville, we sponsor games and banners in their cities celebrations and we sponsor a softball team of local police and firefighters in a city that isn’t thrilled we are there but the officers and firefighters are cool about it.

Our Podcast the Great Northern Sexcast has had lovely guests the past month and made new friends don’t miss out! Link below.

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