Thursday, July 7, 2016


Well after two years I finally got around to figuring out the concept of a newsletter,  we will be sending out information on new products, events and specials about once a month. You can sign up on the home page right around where you clicked on blog link. Don't worry about a ton of stuff coming from us, it took me two years to do the first one. Sign up in July and we will enter your name in a contest for a really nice gift basket.

The podcast is going well, here is link,

We had the most amazing Pride this year, it was so much fun, thank you to Justin and Joe for helping  us out and of course the staff simply rocks.

OVO is going to be 10% off on the website and in the Minnesota stores this month.

Ok going to get back to reading about SEO and how I can't do any of it because although you all love Fantasy Gifts the web does not and social media and google won't let me advertise, it's frustrating but just part of our industry.


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