Friday, May 6, 2016

May 2016 Blog

Hi everyone, Yes I know its’ been awhile since I wrote for this blog but with the weekly podcast many of the things I need to talk about get out there already.  I thought I would spend a few moments to update everyone on what is going on at Fantasy Gifts in Minnesota, I wrote Minnesota because some of you may already know that we have two stores in New Jersey but for those of you who didn’t and wonder why New Jersey ? This is why. My Dad is from Hammonton a wonderful little town half way between Atlantic City and Philadelphia and eons ago when he wanted to retire he didn’t go to Florida he went back to Jersey and promptly got bored and opened stores there. My Brother and his wife run them and they are great stores and they have their own website because South Jersey and Minnesota are very different in what folks shop for so each of our websites reflects the their brick and mortar stores personalities. 
Here is Minnesota we are getting ready for Pride on the last full weekend in June and this year we will have our largest booth yet and many of our vendors are sending special merchandise plan-o-grams and reps to work the booth with us. 
We have been remodeling many of our stores, St. Paul, Fridley, Bloomington, Burnsville, Crystal, and Lakeville.  New slatwall, paint, fixtures and lighting were installed as it was time to update with a new look and really focus on some of the great new brands we have.  We have new registers in the store too, the first time ever in almost 37 years of business that we have the exact same one in every store!  The new credit card chip readers have been in for 8 or so months I can’t believe how many other companies still don’t have them functioning yet.
If you haven’t visited recently we have also extended hours at all Minnesota locations.  We are open at 10 AM till 11PM Monday thru Saturday and Sunday from Noon to 8pm.  It has been great folks aren’t as rushed and our employees have more hours too.
We are also working on a monthly newsletter, you can sign up on the Fantasy Gifts Minnesota website and I promise it won’t be overwhelming emails.  We barley can maintain 35 plus social media sites but if you do sign up you will know what is new in merchandise at Fantasy Gifts, know what the product of the month is and be entered to win gift baskets and  be informed of other giveaways and promotions

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